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How to Stop Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation (PE) is generally the most common sexual problem most men under the age of 40 years experience. Fortunately, PE can be slowed or stopped by certain techniques, and that is why it’s important to understand its emotional and physical causes.
1. Tantric Techniquescouple on white bed fighting
Sex that is quite explorative is beyond just a conventional physical pleasure. Try to use the tantric techniques to establish an intimate connection, including when you are close to releasing. When you approach that point, pull out to cease stimulation, and then lower your chin to the chest and contract your PC muscle – this is to prevent the energy from rising beyond the limit. Then, draw in a breath to feel the heat of sexual energy going up in your entire body. You can repeat this as much as needed until your desire to release prematurely is no longer urgent.
2. The Stop-and-Start Method
couple having sex in a red roomThis technique starts as a solo exercise to stop early ejaculation. In this case, you should start by masturbating alone – this brings you closer to orgasm and then stop. After relaxing, slowly continue to bring yourself closer to orgasm to a point where you cannot hold it anymore. Performing this technique repeatedly without any interference can greatly help you know where you can successfully control yourself. When you feel that you have mastered this technique, you and your partner should engage in an intimate activity, which stops short of intercourse.
3. The Squeeze Method
This technique normally requires you, partner, to squeeze the penis’ base in the same area where the stop-and-start method would be used, especially when you’re on the brink of orgasm. In this case, the main idea is to reduce erection through squeezing.
4. Deep Breathing
This is a form of medication, which can at times help control the tension American Pie Movie sceneand arousal that result in premature ejaculation. Try to avoid shallow and short breathing that speeds up your heartbeat and can trigger early ejaculation. Try to take about five seconds to breath in deep, full breath and then hold it for some seconds before exhaling for five seconds as well. If you can do this for five minutes without stopping, you may be capable of using it during your sexual intercourse. Additionally, focusing one another is breathing, and how the breath rises and falls, can greatly build a very strong intimate connection.
By practicing all these techniques, you will understand how to stop successfully or slow premature ejaculation.