The Trend of Vaginal and Anal Bleaching

The process of lightening or brighten the skin tone adjacent to the vagina and the anal is popularly known as vaginal and anal bleaching. The most popular and convenient way to do it is applying a mild acid along with some particular chemicals to the freshly waxed anal and vaginal area.

Various spas and massage centers offer their service in that very field, although many of the customers prefer to use Woman on lingerie standingsome medications and lotions available in the market for lightening the skin tone near their anal and vagina. The lotions are cheaper in cost and are available extensively in the market. People use the lotions on various occasions and study reveals that most of the women using these products apply the lotion for at least twice or thrice per week. They also like to continue the process for at least six to eight weeks before having a periodic gap.

However, the products, along with the chemicals and lotions related to anal and vaginal bleaching come with their own risks. Most of the lotions contain a very particular chemical known as Hydroquinone. Hydroquinone can have some serious side effects. It can cause rashes and severe swelling in the vagina or the anal. As the skin surrounding the vagina and the anal is very sensitive, the application of any chemical substance around that can cause allergic reactions. The effects can pose a serious threat if the use of the chemicals and lotions are replicated despite having various allergic reactions. Furthermore, the reactions of the chemicals might even shrink the openings in the anus and vaginal area. This may lead to even serious problems Anal & Vagina Bleaching 03like having restricted bowel movements and difficulty while having sex. It is advisable to the users to consult their physicians or dermatologists and check whether they are allergic to the chemical components used in the lotions and creams before applying them on their skin.

Apart from the medical issues, the sale and usage of those vaginal and anal bleaching creams and lotions are increasing with each passing day. The use of those products and the desire to get a whiter anal and vagina was promoted by the porn stars heavily, and it resonated nicely with the fantasies and desires of the users. The market of those creams and lotions has grown considerably, and various companies are now marketing their own products for this cause. More and more salons and massage parlors too have started to provide services in this area to increase their business.…