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Ways to Get a Bigger Dick Naturally

A man with a small dick will try to find ways to get a bigger dick naturally. The bigger the penis, the more the sexual confidence. There are many benefits associated with a bigger penis such as being an excellent lover and having an admirable sex life.

Man sitting holding his headNatural methods are safe, effective and convenient as they lack side effects or “pulled” results associated with surgery or pills. If you have been asking yourself what to do to increase the length and girth of your most prized possession, search no more.

The most popular natural method is penis exercises. The exercises are 100% safe, and there are no risks of injuries if done carefully. Unlike surgery, there is no recovery time, and you feel no discomfort or pain. Natural methods allow you to achieve a functional and healthier penis which is thicker as well as larger.
So, how do these exercises increase the girth and length of your penis? Well, the point is to exercise your muscles and make them more toned and stimulated. Muscle stimulation in the penis adds more pressure to it. The pressure activates tissue renewal in your penile chamber thereby triggering an excellent growth in size. The following natural methods are very effective in naturally enlarging your manhood.

Jelqing is one of the most effective natural penis enlargement methods. This method involves grabbing the base of your dick between the first finger and the thumb and then making upward movements towards the head slowly. Warm up your penis before and after the exercises. Before starting the process, ensure that the penis is semi-erected. Repeat this process for about five to ten minutes.

Traction Device
This natural method involves exercising your penis using special lightweight devices. When the penis is strapped into the weights, pressure is exerted on the penis in form of force. The energy triggers division and multiplication of cells in your penis to accelerate blood flow. This method is preferred because it not only increase the penis size, but also corrects any penis curves, increases sexual urge, sex stamina and gives you an excellent ejaculation control.

couples on bedThe Squeeze Method
One of the biggest issues with penis size is the girth. Even if you have a four-inch penis in length, your sexual life and confidence won’t be improved if it is too thin. The squeeze method allows you to exercise the penis muscles that work towards increasing the thickness of your dick. For effective results, use the Jelqing and traction exercises to get the length under control.